Colourful Misconceptions

by Lazy Activists

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Our Debut Album. Have listen and see what you think. Setting a price to not upset the iTunes buyers - still cheaper here though! Cheers.


released December 29, 2014

© Lazy Activists 2014 - All rights reserved to Lazy Activists and Wahoo Records ®

All songs written and recorded by Lazy Activists.
Produced by Chris Allan and Lazy Activists @ Bricklane Studios, Paisley, Scotland.



all rights reserved


Lazy Activists Glasgow, UK

3-Piece. Glasgow, Scotland. Acoustic Alt. Rock.

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Track Name: Intro
No Lyrics Here...
Track Name: Summer City Song
Your face looks pretty in the city weather
Your mind’s a bit hazy but it’s always clever
and your smile
could make me feel alive.

But all the while I’ve been thinkin’ bout a song to write you
and I’m stuck with the chorus and the verses too
I don’t know
Just want to get you on my side.

I wanna stick with something classy but equally smart
That comes from the head but also the heart
So you
Can appreciate it to.

Cos I know you like a guy who's smart enough to handle himself,
You’re not into the biceps, into the wealth
You just want the truth
And that’s something I can do

I’d play it for you when we’re in the park,
play it for you till the day goes dark.
It’s a symbolism of who we are
and who we could be
me and you
you and me…

Now I know it seems I’m kinda getting ahead of myself
Thinking of you then me then nothing else
But I just
Can’t help myself, you see:

I wanna talk to you but when you’ve got your face on
all the guys run home and form a cue.
So I’ll just sit back here, think of something neat to say
with my pen and my paper, let the lyrics flow their way to you
I just want to know you know you..


Now I’m thinking as I come to the end of writing
Is this song really good or is it just fine
Well I guess that’s up for you
To decide…

I can see us singing there in the Summer City
Play the last chord to indicate the song has finished
to which you’d reply:
‘One more time’

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Dancing With Gypsies
To dance with the gypsies.
To make out with pixies.
Forever in debt
to the souls of the West.

I bought you with flowers.
I traded two towers
but you regretted growing

Been thinking lately,
the skies like to rate me
on how fast I
can close my eyes.

To dream it all away.
The mess, the decay.
Let’s not pretend it’s just a disguise
for their lies.

And I guess this is our 44.
I’ve got everyone knocking at our door.
The walls may be closing,
the windows shrinking.
We’re still intact
that’s all I’m thinking.

To dance with the gypsies.
To make out with pixies.
Forever in debt
to the souls of the West.

You seem to disapprove of me
lying, dreaming on my bed so lazily but now you’re in it well,
the story’s changed for you and me.

You’re fighting tea-cups and flying balls,
opening doors just to reveal the walls.
And although the idea seems kind of crazy,
that’s my mind baby, hazy.

And so you, choose to fly with me
well don’t get carried away.
We don’t have much time:
44 minutes approximately.

Chorus x2

To dance with the gypsies.
To make out with pixies.
Forever in debt
to the souls of the West.

To the souls of the West.
Track Name: Youth Talk
now, as I carve my name into the sand
how, about a helping hand.
I’ve found, that coffee often tastes quite bland
but I’ll come around and then I think I’ll understand.

Everyday, another day to choose
No on said we had to loose.

This is not, a second chance to compromise.
You have bought and sold all your alibis.
You should think twice before you deny.
The only things you cared about were your beautiful lies.

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Leaping Into Faith
Some people just don’t know oh.
Some people get left alone.
Some people die before they ever find out.
Some people make it out alive if they shout.

But I don’t think I can handle the pain.
Everything’s gone, all I have is my name
and it’s hard to understand where I’ve come from
when you move so far everything seems distant
and in an instant, you’re leaping into faith.

Take your all your shiny goods
I don’t want any of them
and I still don't understand.

Look at me, look at yourself
I’m lost at sea whilst your lost in wealth.

Moving so far only gets you one thing,
homesick, no love, no rain
But don’t let it stick cos I know you know
It’s such a pain.


And when you grasp ahold
of something that reminds you of home
Hold it close, keep it inside, don’t feel you
need to tell the others why.

Cos what happens when your dreams float far away.
The move makes your mind go stray
yeah…I get that feeling everyday.

chorus x2
Track Name: Chronological Discomfort
Going to another show,
In this new town.
You’d think I’d be a pro
but really I get nervous all the time.

You think I’d be fine,
keep calm in-line,
sitting back stage sipping tea, sluggin’ wine.
Well that just goes to show.

The worst, they don’t know.
The place I go, oh
the worst they don’t know.
The places I go.

And as I walk up to the stage I,
bring out my guitar and I’m trying to gauge
who’s really interested
in what I play.

Most of the people here,
don’t even know me
so nerves shouldn’t be an issue
but they always are for me.


They tap along as I play
and suddenly the fear goes way.
Until I stand up next to the mic -
I’ve gotta sing now but inside I’m like:

The words aren’t coming out, they’re not coming out.
Gonna have to shout.
The words aren’t coming out, they’re not coming out.
I’m nervous, to say the least. - [6 bars in line]

My lungs tighten,
I can barely breathe.
I’ve got to get these words out please.
Before these people start wanting to go.

I only accepted this
as a request.
I never knew it would turn out such a mess
but that’s the way things go.


I’ve got to get it before this how is over,
my face is getting redder
my ears are getting warmer
but I know I can still make it right.

Don’t breath in tight, hold your head high.
Pretend there’s no one but you and I.
I know nerves are a pain but it’s something
we just gotta fight - we gotta fight it.


I will over come you.
I will over come you.
I will overcome you, yeah.
Track Name: Doubt
We will not, raise our white flag, for you.
Don't you understand the pain,
They've put so many of us through.
Right here, right now is the time to decide what's best to do.
So cut the crap you've been drip feeding us,
from the pipes you've been leading us,
to an exit route, we can't go through.


Walking through, the world of nothing new.
I can see it now, the thick clouds,
Hanging over you.
As suited men, descend upon your den,
you'll ask yourself when, they will discard anything,
That doesn't make sense or form any sort of familiarity.

They cower away from it all,
Not wanting to put your stuff out.
You'll see, they think they know better than you,
cos they got boxes on their shelves, we've just got dust.
Well they must have their doubts.


Just when you thought you'd seen it all,
There they go playing bat and ball,
With the decisions you thought you were making.
But at the end of the day, all they're wanting to say is:
'Hey, look at the money we are making.'

So wipe away the greed and doubt,
that drips from their greedy snouts.
Just remember, you were in it for the love of the trade,
for the people you made happy
and that won't be changing.

They cower away from it all,
Not wanting to put your stuff out.
You'll see, they think they know better than you,
cos they got boxes on their shelves, we've just got dust.

They cower away from it all,
Not wanting to put your stuff out.
You'll see, they think they know better than you,
cos they got boxes on their shelves, we've just got dust.
Well they must have their doubts.
Oh, they must have their doubts (yeah).
They must have their doubts.
Track Name: Spring-Loaded
a gun to my head.
I’m not dying no
I’m never dead.

A chest pain.
X-ray me.
Black blood running through my veins.
God save me.

But not forgotten.
Our childhood dreams
have all been flattened.

A painful
Is now lost inside
Your grave.

Everything changes,
but nothing gets better.

How come when it’s sunny I
still feel under the weather.

A bullet
in my brain.
I’m speechless
before I regain.

for a blessed man.
You know I’d help if I could
but there’s just no way that I can.

Another way out.
There’s just no other way out.
And if there was…
I’d already be there by now.

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Reject
Headlights glow on a summer evening,
Time goes by before we’re barely breathing.
The history of the world was not conceived in
The piece and love that makes life worth living.

Wondering whether to forgive or to forget when
handed down a casual cigarette
of energy and we can’t understand
why people take such measures to go round the bend.

Walking to find a way cause
right now my life’s in decay.
The mess I’m in is not pretend
and if it doesn’t stop now it will never end.

I’m a reject, can’t you see.
Everyday is hell for me
I’m leaving this twisted town behind me
Packing my bags, just you wait and see…

They think everything’s my fault and
through the years I’ve heard it all
Where I go I don’t quite know
but anywhere is better than this black hole.

What i hated most was school.
In my opinion it was not cool.
no one to help me everyone against me.
Being a reject my only life story…


If I had just one thing to say
it would be, the way music changed my ways.
Taught me to express myself and
give opinions on how I felt.

Now I’m living in a caravan
In a peaceful place next to the sand.
Don’t get me wrong not everything’s perfect
Cos I’m still a reject!

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Walkout
I'm lost without your hand to lead me...